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shiba inus
please read before commissioning me!
rewriting this again too

so these are gonna be 100 points.
paypal and points are allowed, paypal will be transferred into points.

so like in the examples you'll need a ref from somewhere, like google or if you have a shiba inu you may send me a image of them through notes. (comments are ok too but i prefer notes bc i look at them faster)

so you can say you want them to look semi-realistic  i can do that but it might take longer than a cartoony one.  now the cartoony ones are in my style, it wont look like Mickey Mouse or something it'll look like the one you see above. (the Doge one) i may give them different head shapes eyes etc,


thank youu for reading this
more might be added if there is confusion lol
oc commissions (full color
please read before commissioning me ty.

ok hi im changing the rules for these.
they are now 100 points, with two characters it will change to 200.
im changing it bc im putting more effort into these.


please take note that these can take a long time. it could be 2 hours it could be 2 days.
 it depends on whats going on, i have a life outside of DA y'know.
you can check up on it and i can send you a screenshot in notes.
but it might not be right away.


paypal and points are allowed, paypal will be transferred into points.


why are there so many rules? 
bc i like to have standards thanks.
thnaks bye



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"I'll fake you out" -Twenty One Pilots

heye i kinda made the goat-cat thingy
i might have not but yeah
if you wanna say hi or talk come on by!

more info i guess

my favorite dog is a shiba inu, they are the good dog children. eeee

-by kittnboys

and heckie noodle i love kittnboys art so much. I just ahh its so cutee
please take a lookie
oh heckie noodles in a cup guess what
i love a dog who happens to be a shiba inu
he is alfref ee i dont own him thou
he belongs to sleepykinq eeee so uh yes

now have some sPICYY stamps hhehe
*no.8* by loversnow *no.4* by loversnow Sneet STAMP by Torftastic *no.20* by loversnow I Love Gradients Stamp by kittydogcrystal uwu stamp by tamrieI F2U - Pastel Pink Cat Stamp by Fallen-Petal-Arts this is a fountain of my tears by loversnow

pls buy my commissions


whoops im crying again ahhahahaah
i miss her
im gonna curse a folder with images of a shiba hhgfjjhjdhkdk
now i know Japanese bc of a song
im proud of myself
the song is goodnight h 
look up hecking goodnight in Japanese bc im too lazy to find the actual name h 


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